Advanced Group Mentorship Program

Stop blindly building your online business and gain valuable knowledge of the strategies that tailor best to you!
Teresa de Grosbois- Relationship Marketing Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author & philanthropist.

Dear Aspiring Influencer,

You’ve heard it called everything from word of mouth marketing to education marketing to info-preneurship.  And there are as many strategies to get you there as there are roads that lead to Rome.  

The challenge is you often don’t have sufficient knowledge of the different choices or how to powerfully and simply fit them together to make your businesses work.  

What if you had a simple and elegant set up that naturally drew people to you?  

What if you could fit your natural strengths with top strategies that have given proven results for others?

These powerful intimate calls give you access to some of the top experts in the industry to help you understand unique strategies to grow your influence and your business.  Each call has a guest coach, known in the industry to be an expert in their field.  Top strategies and principles are explored so you can find the ones that best tailor to your strengths and goals.

Each call spends a few minutes giving some overall context for what these experts teach, then you get the opportunity to have your business be the subject of their teaching in front of the group.  The students on the calls become the examples, the interviewers, and the beneficiaries of the targeted mentorship.  Plus you can continue the conversation by email with Teresa personally, or on the private Facebook group after the call.

Option #1

Option 1 1 year Advanced Group Mentorship Program   

  • 1 year of calls (minimum 12 calls a year) where you can get one-on-one coaching live for your business with experts from every conceivable industry
  • Access to all past recordings of group mentorship calls; a treasure trove of valuable guidance and opportunities
  • Unlimited email access to Teresa to have your specific questions answered
  • Access to our invitation-only private Facebook community

Option #2

Option 2 – Lifetime Unlimited Access (we NEVER cut you off)

Everything in the one-year program, including unlimited email coaching… FOR LIFE!

How Can A Mentor Help You?

Studies have shown time and time again that your chances for success are much higher if you have a mentor. No matter what goal you’re striving to reach, having a mentor who takes you under their wing can make a world of difference.

You have questions? I have answers for you (or I can find the answers you’re seeking).
For the price of $5,547, you will have exclusive access to one full year:
  • Unlimited email correspondence with me, to answer any questions you may have (valued at $1,000/hour)
  • My student-only website, where you can view all posted answers to my students’ questions (valued at $300 – with coaching calls below)
  • 12 months of group mentorship calls (minimum 12 calls per year), where you can forward your questions (via email) to me beforehand. You are free to join in on the Q&A session and get real time mentorship on growing your business and your brand to increase your impact in the world (Valued at $5,547 so you can join live for one year!)
  • Archive of recordings from past calls (Valued at $1,000)

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What people are saying about the Advanced Group Mentorship Program…

You get incredible value as a member of my Advanced Group Mentorship Program.

Still, you may be thinking to yourself, “ I can’t afford a mentor!”

My Question For You Is, “Can You Afford To Not Have A Mentor?”

Look at it this way. The school of hard knocks is a great teacher, but it is usually called that for a reason. Think of the time it would take to figure everything out on your own. Then think of the costs involved in taking the wrong turn, or taking the long way around, or in just listening to the wrong people. The registration fee for my program could be chump change compared to the price of costly (and avoidable) mistakes.
I sincerely want to help you. The only satisfaction greater than developing my own successful online business is helping others fulfil their dreams. Let me help you fulfil your dream of reaching your full success potential. You’ll be glad you did.

Register now to have instant access to my exclusive program, including all of my valuable bonuses.

I look forward to assisting you!

There’s no greater satisfaction than having your book in print and published. You’ve stumbled on something of immense value. How many times have you hoped and wished you could get honest, practical help with your book idea? It can happen. I’m here to help you as your mentor and together we can get the ball rolling.

I have only so many spots available, so the sooner you register the sooner your online business can become a reality. Remember, the cost today is only $8,847 to join for life, but the price may go up at any time. Don’t put it off any longer. Join me today!

Join me today!

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