Advanced Group Mentorship Program Guest Application

Teresa de Grosbois- Relationship Marketing Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author & philanthropist.

Wildfire Academy Advanced Group Mentorship Program is a live interactive call we run via zoom. Currently the calls are an hour long and are scheduled 2 to 3 times a month.


Teresa de Grosbois hosts the Wildfire Academy Students. Members of the Evolutionary Business Council and Institute are welcome to listen in.  These calls are recorded and then shared with your offer to the Wildfire student body and EBC community.  The call is focused on you as the expert, and you sharing your knowledge on your topic, and then those on the call have an opportunity to be coached live by you. You are allowed to  mention your free feeder program or a low cost special offer at the end of the call.

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest mentor on one of our Wildfire Academy Advanced Group Mentorship calls. Please complete the form below to confirm your interest and details.

We are scheduling guests out as far as 6 months to 1 year. You will be contacted by one of our assistants in the next couple of weeks to confirm a specific date and time. EBC Members are given first priority for the interview spots.

The format for the call is:

  1. Day before the call you’re sent a reminder with the zoom link etc
  2. Plan to arrive on the zoom link you will be sent 5-10 minutes before the call so you can go over last minute details with Teresa
  3. Call starts on schedule and Teresa starts the recording
  4. 5 minutes – Teresa introduces you and your topic
  5. 10-15 minutes you outline topic and give your 3-5 takeaways
  6. 35 minutes – Teresa invites students to be coached live by you
  7. 5 minute wrap up – Teresa shares your offer and or gift and how people can connect with you after the call.
  8. In the follow up email to all Wildfire Academy students, members of EBC & EBI, the recording of the call, the link to your offer and or gift is shared and any contact details you provide.  The recording is also listed on the Wildfire Academy website

Once we have received all your details you will receive a confirmation email.  Should you have any questions let us know here