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Teresa de Grosbois- Relationship Marketing Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author & philanthropist.

Dear Canadian Business Chick,

Your package starts with our 8-week online intensive Mastering Influence Program – How to become a sought-after highly-paid expert in your field ($587 value)

In this program Teresa walks you through the habits to acquire and mistakes to avoid for becoming an influential person in your industry. You will master:

  • How to avoid the 10 top mistakes people make that get in the way of business relationships. Everyone has a least two of these built into their personalities!
  • The unspoken rule book of how to play the influence game. High level influencers interact with a unique set of rules. If you don’t know the norms, they’ll know you’re not at their level!
  • How to become a hub of the influencers in your industry.
  • 3 Key skills of Networking for connecting with influencers.
  • How to become the type of person that everyone else pursues.
  • Becoming a master at enrolling and convincing others of your ideas.

Bonus #1 – Group Mentorship Program – Lifetime Access ($8,847 value)

  • Unlimited email coaching from Teresa herself
  • 21 group-mentorship calls per year where Teresa & guest authorities look at your business
  • Recordings of all past calls that you can listen to at your leisure
  • Access to the Q&A resources on our website
  • Access to the Wildfire Student Private Facebook Group

Bonus #2 – 1 Ticket to the Global Influence Summit ($597 value)

  • Mar 14th – 16th, 2018 –  San Diego
    • Get grounded in key strategies & skills from industry leaders Joseph Ranseth, Charmaine Hammond & Teresa de Grosbois at this intensive workshop
    • Connect with other speakers, trainers, podcasters & influencers from around the globe
    • Learn how to build your sphere of influence within a community of influencers

How Can A Mentor Help You?

Studies have shown time and time again that your chances for success are much higher if you have a mentor. No matter what goal you’re striving to reach, having a mentor who takes you under their wing can make a world of difference.

You have questions? I have answers for you (or I can find the answers you’re seeking).

For the price of $1,027, you will have exclusive access to one full year:

  • Unlimited email correspondence with me, to answer any questions you may have (valued at $1,000/hour)
  • My student-only website, where you can view all posted answers to my students’ questions (valued at $300 – with Advanced Group Mentorship calls below)
  • My monthly Advanced Group Mentorship calls, where you forward your questions (via email) to me beforehand. You are free to join in on the Q&A session with authors such as yourself. (Valued at $8,847, and available to you for as long as you need them!)
  • Archive of recordings from past calls (Valued at $1000)

Join me today!

You get incredible value as a member of my Advanced Group Mentorship Program.

Still, you may be thinking to yourself, “ I can’t afford a mentor!”

My Question For You Is, “Can You Afford To Not Have A Mentor?”

Look at it this way. The school of hard knocks is a great teacher, but it is usually called that for a reason. Think of the time it would take to figure everything out on your own. Then think of the costs involved in taking the wrong turn, or taking the long way around, or in just listening to the wrong people. The registration fee for my program could be chump change compared to the price of costly (and avoidable) mistakes.

I sincerely want to help you. The only satisfaction greater than developing my own successful online business is helping others fulfil their dreams. Let me help you fulfil your dream of becoming success in your online business. You’ll be glad you did.

Register now to have instant access to my exclusive program, including all of my valuable bonuses.

I look forward to helping you build your online business!

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