Going Pandemic

So you’ve developed a following of raving fans.  Now if only you could get into the big leagues and take your message global.   Problem is, you don’t know how to get there.  Your  credentials are not strong enough to the giants in your industry to take you seriously, but how do you get the credentials like “best selling author” without help?

The answer is simple.  You need to learn the skills of creating a massive word of mouth epidemic.

In this 24 week session, you will:

  • Create your plan to generate an massive word of mouth epidemic around your work
  • Learn to influence people by being just yourself, full-on!
  • Practice the most powerful influencing skill available
  • Choose who you want to play with, so that you’re only working with influencers you trust and admire
  • Take steps to get into powerful relationship with the influencers in your plan
  • Establish the infrastructure you need to mount a word of mouth campaign
  • Mount and test a campaign around yourself

This session is designed to enable to you do 12 online tutorial sessions and 12 group coaching calls with Teresa de Grosbois. In between you will be given sufficient time or you to implement what you have learned.

For more information on this program, please email: support@wildfirews.com