Mastering Influence Group Mentorship Program Calls


Tues Nov 12th with Iman Aghay, How to Design a Powerful Webinar Funnel

His offer:


Tues Oct 15th with Julie May, Strategies for Filling Events

To get to know more about Julie May, you may visit her Instagram and Facebook page

Tues Oct 8th with Robert Clancy, How to Develop and Manage a Successful Show

Learn more about Robert here – / /

Thurs Sept 5th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Thurs Aug 1st with Kali Nandi, Affiliate Marketing, Campaign Mailing, Reciprocating & Partnership Edicate

Her offer:

Tues July 9th with Randy Harris, Making your Facebook Page Rock!

His offers:

  • EBC members receive significant discounts on Randy Harris and Dr. Shawne’s Facebook Mastery Class as well as on their Page Engagement services. email Shawne’s assistant – Hily at for more information
  • Join Dr. Shawne Duperon in this hands-on, interactive two-day event that prepares you to authentically communicate under pressure, so you can instill confidence in your customers, employees, managers and stakeholders.
  • To get to know more about Randy, you may visit his website.

Wed June 27th with Lisa Marie Platske, The Beingness of Leadership and How to Get More Speaking Gigs

Her offers:

Wed June 12th with Gundi Gabrielle, YOU = Bestselling Author! How to use Bestseller Publishing to Massively Grow your Influencer Platform and Attract “Dream Clients” – completely on Autopilot!

Her offers:

  • Join the FREE Masterclass: The 100K Bestseller Blueprint and discover the proven step-by-step System to grow a 6 figure business from bestseller publishing & massively explode your existing business as a #1 Bestselling Author!
  • Webinar leads to course offer – Special Member Offer: 30% off “Dream Clients On Autopilot” Premium Course (normally $997)
  • To get to know more about Gundi, you may visit her website.

Tues May 14th with Melinda Wittstock, How to Create a Magnetic Podcast to Catalyze & Monetize a Growing Community

Her offer:

  • Learn some ninja podcasting hacks with Melinda (equipment list to follow) – please click here
  • To get to know more about Melinda, you may visit her website.

Wed April 16th with Satyen Raja, Sexual Energy and Influence

His offers:

  • The Impact Weekend, one of the sessions of the Certified Master Trainers program, is being led by Satyen Raja from Friday June 21, 10 AM to Sunday June 23, 5:30PM 2019 in Langley (Vancouver), BC. In this three-day intensive you will master multiple topics. To view more details and to register, click here.
  • To get on Satyen’s private invite list for events and trainings, click here.
  • Join WarriorSage Community on Facebook – a place for you to elevate your personal and professional influence in the realms of Leadership….Sexuality and Relationship, Power and Influence, & Money and Freedom – these three energies that either make or break a true leader.
  • Learn the most direct, swift and effective methods that create instant, core and lasting change in your personal and professional life, click here.

Wed April 3rd with Odette Laurie, 3 Easy Steps to Speaker Success

Her offer:

  • Sign up to Odette’s Speak up! 5-Day Challenge. In five days… you will learn how to uncover and create an amazing talk based on your unique “soul story” that the world is dying to hear, where to get booked, and how to get clients and make money from the stage.
  • To get to know more about Odette, you may visit her website.

Tues Feb 26th with Shirlene Reeves, From Dumpster to Diamonds

Her offer:

  • Shirlene is inviting you to take Selling Through your Heart Quiz that is designed specifically to support entrepreneurs and coaches. As a business owner you will quickly determine, in only 5 to 7 minutes, who you are in the sales process. Are you sales-y or do you know the secrets for compelling your clients to call you instead of you chasing your clients for the next sale.
  • To get to know more about Shirlene, you may visit her website.

Thurs Feb 7th with Katrina Sawa, Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow

Her offers:

  • Free Jumpstart Your Biz Checklist on things you can do every day to get clients along with an audio that talks through many of the top 10 marketing strategies.
  • She also have a 2 part Big Picture Business and Marketing Planning Webinar that talks people through the big picture of what they’ll do, sell, create, launch and then we dive into the nitty gritty too of how to accomplish all the action steps those big goals need to have in order to make them happen. 2.5 hours total for just $57!
  • Ready to jumpstart your business in a BIG WAY? Join Katrina at her next LIVE 3-DAY event where she help you get more comfortable with your websites, social media, speaking, video, marketing, follow up, sales and everything geared towards helping you grow your business and your revenues FASTER! Find out more at!
  • Click on this page and watch a lot of pre-recorded webinars on it. Discover ways on how to get corporate sponsorships and more!
  • Discover How Much You REALLY Need to Make Each Month to Thrive, Not Just SURVIVE in Your Small Biz. Get Started RIGHT AWAY – Download The Free Need Number Worksheet to Show You How to Plan for Bigger Profits.

Thurs Jan 24th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Wed Jan 9th with Karen McGregor, Speak to Create Income, Impact and Inspiration

Her offer:


Tues Dec 11th with Sharon Sayler, Using Nonverbal Communication to Enhance Presentation Skills

Her offer:

Thurs Dec 6th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Mon Nov 19th with Ellen Rogin, How Generosity is the New Currency in Business

Her offer:

  • Abundance Activist® Ellen Rogin gives you instant access to her prosperity guided meditations. Each audio packs a powerful boost to your success! Get Your Free Prosperity Gifts!
  • To get to know more about Ellen, you may visit her website.

Thurs Nov 8th with Debbi Dachinger, Visibility in Media

Her offer:

Tues Oct 23rd with Robert Clancy, How to Write Great Swipe Copy

His offers:

  • Expand Your Reach! Sign up now and save 40% off on SpiralShare™ Pro annual account. SpiralShare™ is a proven online marketing platform that allows you to easily harness the power of social crowdspeaking.
  • To get to know more about Robert, you may visit his website.

Thurs Sept 20th with Tonya Dawn Recla, Turn your Personal Power into Superpower!

Her offers:

  • Take the quiz and discover your  Super Powers!
  • To get to know more about Tonya, you may visit her website.

Thurs Sept 6th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Thurs Aug 30th with Tina Dietz, Unleash Your Voice to Millions With Audiobook Production & Publishing

Her offer:

  • Get the Audiobook Production Checklist and discover how authors—just like you—from all over the world can increase (2x, 3x, and more!) your audience, influence, and income with one simple tactic.

Fri Aug 17th with Satyen Raja, Equilibrium and the Way of the WarriorSage

His offers: 

  • To get to know more of Satyen’s free training sessions,  please visit his website –
  • Their online & live events are by invitation only. Sign up for their newsletter to join their community and get exclusive event invitations, podcasts & complimentary resources.
  • You may also want to consider becoming a part of WarriorSage Community if your looking for a place for you to elevate your personal and professional influence in the realms of Leadership….Sexuality and Relationship, Power and Influence, & Money and Freedom.

Thurs Aug 9th with Michelle Villalobos, Retreats To Riches: Design, Fill & Deliver Profitable Small Events

Her offer:

  • Learn some expert perspective on your business. Book A Discovery Call to Grow Your Brand & Business and to get clarity, focus and direction for your next step.

Thurs July 26th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Thurs July 19th with Alison Donaghey, Structuring Your Business To Identify and Alleviate Your Pain Points

Her offers:

Tues June 26th with Nicola Grace, How To Scale Your Business By Scaling Your Mission

Her offers:

Thurs June 7th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Fri May 25th with Satyen Raja, Equilibrium and the Way of the WarriorSage

His offers: 

  • Downloadable Audio recording of  Awakened Intimacy Retreat. Tantra – The Art and Skill of Sex, Passion and Enlightenment What is Tantra? Where does it originate and is it really all about sex? In the first segment Satyen Raja speaks about the origins of Tantra in ancient India, all the way to present day applications and purposes. Get a fun, insightful look at the core of Tantra — and gain a better understanding of it as an expression of our never ending evolutionary journey.
  • To get to know more of Satyen, you may visit his website –

Thurs May 10th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Tues April 17th with Kali Nandi, Building an Overarching Brand From TV to Digital

Her offers:

  • For tips, strategies and step by step guide on how to get producers see you as credible prior to speaking with you, you may download this FREE Get Booked slide generously created by Kali Nandi. It has a lot of clickable resources links to use.
  • To get to know more of Kali and her husband, Dr. Partha Nandi, about the show and other stuffs, you may visit their website –

Tues April 10th with Karen McGregor, How to Triple Your Income Through Speaking

Her offers:

Thurs April 5th with Alicia Dattner, Loosen, Lighten, and Liven Up Your Speaking with Humor

Her offers:

Tues Mar 27th with Shea Vaughn, Monetizing TV & Radio Content

Her Offer:

  • A 20-minute mentorship call – phone number was given in the call.

Tues Mar 6th with Stephanie Chandler, Build Your Author Platform and Make a Difference in the World

Her Offer:

Thurs Feb 22nd with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Tues Feb 13th with Patty Farmer, Social Selling: 5 Steps to Putting the Social Back in Sales

Her Offer:

Wed Jan 24th with Dr. Shawne Duperon, Students Set The Agenda 

Her Offers:

  • Join Dr. Shawne for Media Mastery Bootcamp on Aug 9-10, 2018. Find out more info here:
  • If inspired, please save the dates for Bootcamp plus the half-day EBC Intensive on Aug 11, 2018 – details to be announced soon.

Thurs Jan 11th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus


Fri Dec 15th with Charmaine Hammond, Using Music In Your Events…What We’ve Learned

Her Offers:

  • Download the 7-step sponsorship success ebook.

Wed Dec 6th with Candy Barone, 3 Strategies to Get Booked in Corporate

Her Offers:

  • Discover more about Globoforce, a leading provider of social recognition solutions, helping companies build strong cultures of engaged employees, inspire and energize employees and create best places to work.
  • Learn more about Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and how they  saves lives and protects people from health threats.

Thurs Nov 30th with Roger Salam, Effective Approaches To Build Relationships with High Powered Influencers 

His Offer:

FREE downloadable copies of his 2 books in PDF format.

Thurs Nov 16th with Lisa Marie Platske, How To Host A Wildly Successful Event That Boosts Your Influence, Positions You As A Leader Worth Following, & Helps You Make A Difference In The World
Her Offer:
Sign up for an Open Q & A Call with Lisa Marie  and learn how to “Maximize Your Spotlight” and how to host a profitable event that positions you as an expert.

Thurs Nov 2nd with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set The Agenda – Tell us Where You Need Focus

Fri Oct 27th with Shirlene Reeves, Heart Centered Selling from Stage Without Feeling Schmarmy

Her offers:

Monday, Sept 18th with Alicia Dattner, Loosen, Lighten, and Liven Up Your Speaking with Humor

Her offers:

To get to know more about Alicia, her workshops and shows, you may visit her websites:

Friday Sept 8th with Teresa de Grosbois, You Set the Agenda – Tell Us Where You Need Focus

Wed Aug 23rd with Nicola Grace,  Get More Quality Students and Followers Through Purpose Aligned Niching

Her offers:

Tue Aug 15th with Donald Sheppard,  Rules For Speaking & Visiting USA

Click here if you want to schedule a consult with Donald Sheppard

Wed Aug 2nd with Daniel Gutierrez, How Being Radically Mindful Can Grow Your Business

His offers:

  • A free 30 min complimentary, no obligation consultation to discuss how they can take their business to the next level by being radically mindful. Click to make appointment :
  • A free 60 second audio: A 60 Second Meditation with Daniel Gutierrez and Roberto Perera

Tues July 18th with Catherine Saykaly-Stevens, Social Media Alone does Not Create Sales Conversion – Fan Engagement is Essential

Her offers:

  • Free Program21-Day Challenge

    Don’t let your social media accounts send people away, unimpressed, before they’ve even read your content.

    The 21-Day Challenge is your answer to featuring your great content in a manner that will be read, valued, and appreciated by influences, mass media, visitors, and potential buyers with their first visit to your social media accounts.

The LIVE 5 Barriers to Extraordinary Fan Engagement is a 40 minute online training showing where and why you probably run int online engagement issues. Featuring great content and some takeaways to implement immediately, discover what barriers block your online sales conversions.

Tues July 11th with Jonathan Bender, Stage Presence: How to Captivate an Audience and Inspire Everyone You Meet

His three offers:

  • Free
  • Claim Your Voice, 10-week training on speaking and presence, for of $997 with a special private 45-minute session with Jonathan – Value $5,700+
  • The Inspiring Speaker program is for experienced speakers.  This s a small-group (10 people maximum) 3-month program that teaches both presence and how to put together an inspiring talk that can get a standing ovation, and culminates in a 3-day intensive this fall in the San Francisco Bay Area, where you’ll speak before a live audience and have a professionally taped video of your talk.

Thurs June 1st with Maria Nemeth, What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do: How to Master Performance Anxiety

Her offer:

Wed May 24th with Gina Gaudio-Graves, Integration Marketing: The Most Powerful (and Profitable!) Kind of Joint Venture

Her offer:

Tues May 16th with Jill Lublin, Getting Your Book International

Her offers:

Tues April 11th with Gina Carr,  How To Get a Wikipedia Page

Her offers:

Tues April 4th with Viki Winterton, Beyond Your Book: Discover the Many Ways You Can Use Your Book to Skyrocket Your Success

Her offer:

  • A copy of Viki’s International Bestseller: Beyond Your Book and be showcased in her next bestseller, Are You The Missing Piece journal. 

Check it out at

Tues March 21st with Tonya Hofmann, 3 Solid Strategies to Get More Speaking Engagements

Her offers:

  • A free Public Speakers Conference ticket with New Membership to the Public Speakers Association
    Offer coupon code is “FreeConf17”
    Check it out at

Tues March 7th with Karen Christine Angermayer, Your. Bestseller. Now: Managing Your Writing, and Publishing Your Book Successfully: Coaching Call With Karen Christine Angermayer, German Publisher and Bestselling Author

Her offers:

A free 30 min coaching call for every student who:

  • wants to manage his writing process successfully
  • get crystal clear about his ideal readers
  • and who wants to hear more about Sorriso Publishing and her offers for new authors

Contact Karen Christine @

Wed Feb 22nd with Christine Kloser, 3 Keys to Easily Write Your Transformational Book

Her offers:

Got questions about writing or marketing your book? Contact Christine directly at

Thurs Feb 2nd with Charmaine Hammond, Get your Projects Funded Before You Being… Through Sponsorship!

Her offer: 

Increase your profits with the magic of sponsorship video

Wed Jan 25th with Charmaine Hammond, Creating More Speaking Opportunities (And Wrap Around Events)

Her offer: 

Free webinar about planning your speaking tours

Tues Jan 10th with Sheevaun Moran, Unleash Your Prosperity

Her offer: 

Sheevaun Moran’s Most Used Videos for Support and Happiness


Tues Dec 13th with Ellen Rogin, Make Prosperity a Habit: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

Her offer:
Download Your FREE Audio Series! Ellen Rogin’s Prosperity Breakthrough

Prosperity Gift

Wed Dec 7th with Seth Greene, How to Use Podcasting to Generate More Leads, More Clients, More Sales, and Become THE Thought Leader in Your Niche

His offer: 

Free download of his new book – Market Domination for Podcasting, and a free live training with him on how to implement a strategic podcats in their business

Thurs Nov 17th with Jennifer Hough, How to Incorporate Philanthropy into Your Sustainable Business Model and Why It’s Important: THE EVOLUTION OF THRIVING CONSCIOUS BUSINESS DESIGN

Her offer: 

3 Keys to Thriving in Times of Great Change Webinar Replay
Living a Magnetic Life Free LIVE Interactive Webinar – January 10, 2017

Audio version:

Video version:

Tues Nov 1st with Pamela Sylvan, Creating The #1 Element Of A Powerful Mojo Mindset & Brand

Her offer: 

Special PR Audit

Audio version:

Video version:

Tues Oct 18th with Joseph Ranseth: How to optimize your website & blog to get 10x more leads.
To see how Joseph does it go here

His gift to you is a 10 step checklist to get more leads to own website

Audio version:

Video version:

Wed Oct 5th with Daniel Gutierrez: Doing Business With Large Corporate Companies and How to Increase Your Odds of Landing Business With Them

His offer:  A free 30 minute streamline consultation, book a time here

Audio version:

Video version:

Mon Oct 3rd with Gail Watson: The Top Things You Need to Know to Build a Successful Online Community

Her offer: A free associate membership with Women Speakers Association (WSA), giving you access to their Private Members Facebook group offering access to opportunities to promote who you are, find opportunities to share your message and much more

Plus Gail invites the new associate members that join today on a personal call one to one call with her, so she can learn who you are, what you do and fast track you to best resources within WSA that meet your needs.

Audio version:

Video version:

Fri Sept 30th hosted by Marilyn Suttle with guest Candy Barone – Corporate Engagements: Some Keys to Getting in the Door

To learn about Candy you can connect with her here

To learn more about Marilyn Suttle you can connect with her here

Audio version:

Video version:

Thurs Sept 29th with Thomas Le Maguer: CANADA Only – Get the Government to Pay for Your Marketing Funnel

The Offer:

COJG Deposit W/ User Group Discount

Get started on completing your COJG application! We will complete a marketing blueprint session, and then work with you to complete your grant application. This deposit is 100% refundable if you are not approved.

Audio version:

Video version:

Thurs Sept 22nd with Tina Dietz, How to do an Audible

Wildfire students can book a full one hour Launch Your Audiobook Strategy Session with me for $97 ($200 off the regular session fee) when they enter the code “wildfire” at checkout. The URL is

Audio version:

Video version:

Tues Sept 6th with Teresa de Grosbois: The Top Things You Need to Know to Build a Successful Online Community

Please note, due to technical difficulties Gail Watson, who was the scheduled guest for this call, was not able to be on the call – we will reschedule a call with Gail on this topic and let you know when that is.

Teresa continued with the call on the same topic: The Top Things You Need to Know to Build a Successful Online Community

Audio version:

Video version:

Fri Aug 26th with Debra Poneman: Taking Your Speaking and Training Career to the Next Level

The Offer:

A live Yes to Success On Line course (retail value $597) for $129.
Go to and put in coupon code EBC.

Audio version:

Video version:

Thurs Aug 4th with Steve Hobbs – Learn How to Certify Your Online and Offline Course Curriculum: Skyrocket and Differentiate Your Offerings in a Highly Competitive Market 

The Offer … 

Free 20-minute consult on using competency verification for your curriculum/course/coach offerings

When you sign up for the free consult access the videoHow to Write a Multi-use, Meaningful, Mind-shifting, Measurable Competency Statement That Clarifies the Path Forward for Curriculum Development, Course Management, and Implementation Coaching


Mon July 18th with Jennifer Hough: Ending Self Sabotage for Speakers and Writers

Free Giveaway:


Thurs July 7th with Natalie & Glen Ledwell: Successful Components of a Million Dollar Plus Launch

LINK to signup for affiliates:

Tues June 21st with Jill Lublin: How to Sell Foreign Rights for Your Book

Free Giveaways: Jill’s teleseminars

To contact Jill per her extra offer from the call; 1-415-883-5455 or

Wed June 7th with Deborah Sandella:  Powerful Stage Presence

Free Giveaways:

Gift of a Downloadable meditation that instills a feeling of your original wholeness – wholeness meditation gift:

Wed May 24th with Shel Horowitz: Marketing Differently to Conscious and Nonconscious Crowds

Free Gifts:

Shel recommends completing the online form before taking advantage of the BONUS gift:

And a BONUS gift of a 15-minute no-charge consultation with Shel:

Thurs May 12th with Jennifer Hough: How To Do a Radio Show that Generates Clients and Builds Your List

Free Giveaways:

They are gifting a recording to another full training on using Blog Talk Radio from their Flight School group. And giving access to their 12 Days of Awakening video series from last December.

Please Visit:

Tues May 3rd Pete Winiarski: Working with Corporations as a Speaker

Free Giveaways:

Visit and to join the “Act Now! – 90 Day Challenge”

Tues April 19th Dean Edelson: How to Create a High Converting Lead Magnet to Build Your List

Learn more about Dean Edelson at

Thurs April 7th Charmaine Hammond: Selling Your Book in Bulk

Free offers:

Free webinar – How to fuel your business through collaboration and sponsorship on April 19, 2016

Receive a copy of Charmaine’s ebook Building Your Circle of Corporate Champions and Sponsors to Fund Your Mission and Dreams

Thurs March 17th Cathy Demers: List Building – Hot Prospects Only 

Free offer: an opportunity to have a laser strategy session with Cathy:

Wed Feb 10th with Joseph Ranseth: How to create meaningful impact right where you are, using the exact same blueprint that Mahatma Gandhi & Dr. King used to create movements that changed the world.

Check out Joseph’s free gift: The Purpose Driven Marketing Manifesto

Thur Jan 21st with Lisa Mininni: Systemizing your Business

Lisa has a complimentary webinar for you February 24, 2016:

  • Understand how you and others crystalize and process thought (and what you can do to be more productive and effective with your prospects, clients, and team.)
  • Discover how to spot the other person’s communication preferences so you’re more effective in enrolling them in an idea, product or service.
  • Specific techniques to be more effective with anyone (even if you’re meeting them for the first time).
  • How to align your business with your natural wiring, and why that’s important for the profitability of your business.

Details here


Wed Dec 23th with Judy Hoberman: Breaking through your sales blocks

To connect with Judy Hoberman and to get her Special Offer, click here for details.

Wed Dec 15th with Marcia Martin: The Power of Speaking 

We had technical issues with the last coaching call with Marcia Martin, but are fortunate that we have managed to get a copy.  It’s not perfect, but there is great value to be had from listening to the call.  Marcia’s provided a great opportunity to attend her next event.

Jan 29-31 London, UK – Power of Speaking workshop.
Discount Code POS-JAN2016

Wed Dec 2nd with Lisa Manyon – Web Copy and Strategy that Gets Results

Check out Lisa’s special offer at

Tue Nov 3rd with Alicia Dattner & the Laser Coaching Call “You Talk Funny”

To connect with Alicia and to take advantage of her offer – 6 Mondays: Nov 9th-Dec 14th5 – 6:15 pm PT / 8 – 9:15 pm ET of comedy training Standup Comedy Writing 101: Six Weeks to Funny get $100 off with the code TODAY.

Tue Nov 2nd with Harrison Klein – The Psychology of successful entrepreneurship # 2 of the series

To connect with Harrison to find your life’s purpose & mission click here or to create a big vision click here.

Tue Oct 20th with Joel Boggess

To connect with Joel & learn more about the Relaunch Show click here

Click here to get the 7 Mistakes Podcasters Make and How To Avoid Them

Tue Sept 23rd with Tracy Hanes

To connect with Tracy & learn more of what he does click here

Tue Aug 11th with Sheevaun Moran

To connect with Sheevaun & get her free offering click here

Thur July 23rd with Debbi Dachinger

Click here to receive the special offer Debbi gives our students

Answers to questions not answered on the call:

Q – do you recommend having your book published before getting on radio or can you do a pre-launch with radio shows

DEBBI:  Yes have your book ready to go before getting booked on air. Remember some radio shows are very busy and it may take you 3-6 month to get on their calendar if they are a popular program. Pre-schedule and schedule your interviews to before and around your launch. Don’t do 48 hours of interviewing back to back on your launch dates (exhausting). Start a few months prior and leading up to your book campaign. Often you’ll find you create so much momentum during those months (especially if you’re good at being interviewed) that radio interview offers will come to YOU after your book has launched.  All of these interviews are great as it can push and drive sales.  And of course, you will not be giving out your book’s url on air, too early before your launch, so as not to water down sales on your big day.

Q – Can you make a press release just for Radio? Do they look at press releases?

DEBBI:  Absolutely yes. As with any Press Release, ensure that it is newsworthy and content heavy.  A Radio press Release is never just: Hey, I am on a show come listen to me, as no one will pick up a press release based on that. Make it meaty with benefits to gain, statistics, new information someone will be curious to know, that will cause them to tune in to hear you on a show. And why should people tune in? What so great about that? Make that your headline and lead in.

This is a good segue here to mention – always CROSS PROMOTE your radio appearances. The radio host, station and producer are offering you FREE marketing and PR. As part of your thank you back to them, cross promote the interview & show through your social media, newsletters and email. And send them a heartfelt thank you note.

Q – Do most interviewers usually start with questions asking personal stories to build connection with the audience?

DEBBI: Good question, Fred.  You will forward your Talking Points to almost all interview situations, and many hosts (they’re busy!) will literally ask your questions down the line as you sent them, verbatim. In that case, yes many interviewers will launch from your first question on down.

There is no hard and fast rule here, so as well, interviewers do not start at the same place.  That said, always be prepared as we learned in this call today, for anything.  When any question is posed to you the answer is always:“Yes, and…” So give the interviewer an answer and trust what pops up in your mind to share.

Regarding personal stories, it seems that some hosts like to ask the question “what was your journey,” or ‘what got you here?”

Q – And if you’re not asked something personal first, should you answer with one?

DEBBI: There is nothing formula in a host asking a personal question or not a personal question. If the hosts asks a question, answer the question asked (in other words if they’ve asked you, for instance, how you set up your business do not highjack the conversation and suddenly tell a personal story that is incongruent). It’s perfectly fine to do an entire radio interview where the talk is strictly business, or strategy, or be interviewed only about whatever your niche, or brilliance is.

For some their personal story is essential to their book or message and it might come up in the interview. For others it’s not important and may not be asked about.

Either way it is good to know YOUR personal story (and once you know it, then let it go… if you’re asked you’re ready and if you’re not it is Divine and perfect too). To know your authentic story which should be germane to whatever you will be interviewed about (your career, your life, your adventures, your healing etc.):

Ø  what happened,

Ø  where did you start from,

Ø  what was your situation/problem/or obstacle,

Ø  how did you get through it,

Ø  what wisdom did you gain from going through it

Ø  What you can now offer to others and how did it change your life?

Mon June 22nd  with Karen Christine Angermayer

Find out more about Karen Christine at:

Facebook: Karen Christine Angermayer AND sorriso Verlag (fanpage)
Twitter: sorriso_verlag

Thur May 14th with Alicia Dattner

Find out more about Alicia at

Fri April 24th with Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Find our more about Catherine at

Thur March 11th with Tonya Hofmann

Find out more about Tonya Hofmann at

Wed February 11th with Colin Sprake

To take advantage of the free offer, use activation code 13379 to claim your tuition valued at $149

Thurs January 22nd with Thomas Le Maguer

Please note there were recording issue with our January coaching call with Thomas Le Maguer. Thomas has graciously promised to come on another call soon.  We’ll keep you updated on the details.  You can get more details about Thomas at


Tuesday December 16th with Cheryl Bishop

To take advantage of the free offer, use activation code 13379 to claim your tuition valued at $149

Wednesday November 20th Tony Hofmann – Our apologies, there were issue with the recording.  This was such a fabulous call we have rescheduled Tonya to talk to our students on Thurs March 12th, 9am PST / 10am MST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT

To learn more about Tonya please click here

Wednesday October 23rd with Randy Peyser

To Connect with Randy Facebook or at  Sample Book Proposal that snagged a book deal with an agent in one day.

Tuesday August 26th with Patryk Wezowski

To Connect with Patryk on Facebook or at

Wednesday July 23rd with William Whitecloud

To Connect with William on Facebook or at

Monday June 9th with Adam Witty

Connect with Adam at Advantage Group
Monday May 5th with Barnet Bain
How to get your book made into a movie
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Tuesday April 15th with Lauren Pibworth
Kick-butt marketing to get you booked as a speaker
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Tuesday April 1st with Cindy Ashton
Powerful Speaking
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Tuesday February 11th with Debbi Dachinger
How To Get On Radio and Be Exquisite While On Air
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Thursday January 16th with Wolfgang Reibe
Getting video for your website
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Wednesday September 18th with Annie Jennings
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Thursday August 15th with Rebecca Gibbons
Tuesday July 16th, 2013 with Lisa Bloom
Wednesday June 19th, 2013 with Mindy Gibbons-Klien

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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 with Jason Nast – Free E-Report CrowdFunding 101 (Requires Opt-in) – Resource Guide (No Opt-In Required) – Free CrowdFunding Training (Next Webinar Thursday 6pm Pacific no Opt-in Required)
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Wednesday, April 10th 2013 with Susan Ratliff

Friday, March 15th 2013 with Brenda Jones

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 with JudyWeintruab


Wednesday, November 28th 2012 with Jill Fisher

Tuesday, November 6th 2012 with Dave Albano

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 with Elle Febbo

Tuesday, September 11rd 2012 with Charmaine Hammond

Monday, July 9th 2012:

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7 Steps to Launching Your Social Media Success
  1. Clarify your objective,
  2. Identify your target audience main needs, problems and most important conversations
  3. Create a strategy to engage your target audience and deliver your objectives
  4. Choose the social media sites  (and technologies) that are right for you
  5. Develop a professional presence on your accounts
  6. Integrate with your website/blog
  7. Implement strategies to engage
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Thursday, June 14th, 2012 with Kelli Harker:

Tuesday, May 16th 2012 with Graham White

Wednesday, April 17th 2012:

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012:

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