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MassInfluenceCoverThe Habits of the Highly Influential

By Teresa de Grosbois

4X Bestselling Author & International Speaker

with Karen Rowe, Writer & International Speaker

Featuring never before seen insights shared by Randy Gage, Dr. John Demartini and Shawne Duperon.

Your business guide for mastering the influence game and becoming an authority in your field.

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You may be struggling for a higher level of recognition in business. The challenge is, most of us learn a set of behaviors for how to network in business that are not serving you at becoming more influential and recognized in your industry.

Consider, you attend a business networking event and meet Jack.  You buy him a coffee to foster a relationship. Point scored. Jack has the potential to be your new customer and even leads you to new business. Feeling pretty good, you go to another function. You’re impressed with the influential speaker at the event. Once she has finished she now has a line-up of people who want to meet her. You figure, what the heck?  I’ll ask her for a coffee, too.


Quite honestly, you could be pushing away an influential connection without know it. Influence is a skill. Growing your business while creating influential connections is a game. It has its own set of rules, habits and etiquette that when followed changed the landscape of how you do business, deeply increasing your bottom-line. Most in business are unfamiliar with the game of growing influence.

You’re in the right place.

Get your copy of Mass Influence and learn the new rules of the game.

Mass Influence is the Business Leader’s guide to using word of mouth and influential relationships to expand your business success. This innovative book explores the key elements for influencing change by creating viral word-of-mouth epidemics. What is that “thing” that makes a leader so compelling and influential that the world turns when they speak?

Most leaders can’t put their finger on what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs had to become so influential. Mass Influence dives into the habits that these top influencers embodied by exploring the identifiable habits and unspoken etiquette of the highly influential. These are typically a mystery to most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and as you’ll discover, anyone can learn and master them.

Whether you’re and influencer as an entrepreneur, within an organization, or a nonprofit, the principles for creating stronger business influence and word-of-mouth marketing skills remain the same.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The top habits high influencers have mastered to powerfully forward their reputation and brand
  • The rules high influencers use to successfully connect with high-level influencers
  • The strategies for becoming the most magnetic go-to-person in your industry
  • step-by-step system to create massive word-or-mouth around your project, organization or cause
  • And much more…

This unique, easy-to-follow business guide includes experts such as Wall Street Week’s top business author, New York Times bestselling author, Randy Gage, Human Behaviour Specialist, business consultant, international bestselling author, Dr. John Demartini and Six Time EMMY® award winner, Shawne Duperon.


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