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How to Become a Bestseller – Level 1

Here are just some of the things you will learn when you become a member of my Level 1 program,
How To Write And Publish Your Book ”:

  • How to sell your book on  Amazon, the top selling site in the world!
  • How to align and test your book with your audience (recommended by top experts)
  • How books actually make money and  how to create a plan to profit
  • How to be in  total control,  even publishing, printing and distributing your book yourself
  • The steps you need to understand in the publishing process
  • How to evaluate your publishing options, and choose the one best suited for you


How to Become a Bestseller – Level 2

As a member of my mentor ship program “How To Become A Bestseller,” here is a taste of what you will learn:

  • What it means to be a “bestselling author” and  how to achieve it
  • How the different bestseller lists work and how to target each one of them
  • How to create a  “wildfire” word of mouth epidemic  around your book
  • How to build relationships with “influencers” in order to talk about your book
  • How to use tools such as  social media, traditional media and public appearance


Word of Mouth Basics

You will learn how to:

  • Understand Word of Mouth: The  3 keys to becoming a person of influence online
  • Establish Yourself Online
  • Create a blog
  • Set up the Basics of Social Media
  • Get Social Media Working for You


Advanced Word of Mouth 

You will master:

  • How to make lots of money by doing what you most love
  • How to build your credentials from expert to authority in your industry
  • How to take your local referral marketing to large-scale word of mouth epidemic
  • How to define, find and magnetically attract your ideal prospect
  • How to play big with ease
  • How to get masses of highly influential people singing your praises
  • Advanced social media strategies to grow a following and deeply connect with the   influencers of the on-line world


Mastering Influence

You will master: 
  • How to avoiding the  top mistakes  people make that get in the way of business relationships. Everyone has a least two of these built into their personalities!
  • The unspoken rule book of  how to play the influence game . There’s a whole set of rules that people at that level interact with.  If you don’t know the norms, they’ll know you’re not at their level
  • How to become a  hub of the influencers  in your industry.
  • Key skills of Networking for  connecting with influencers
  • How to become the type of person that  everyone else pursues.
  • Becoming a  master  at enrolling and convincing others of your ideas.
  • And the final module – you have to wait ‘til you get there to know what it is. It will really help you  get to the next level  and you will LOVE it.
  • PLUS! You can email your questions to Teresa and participate in a  group coaching call.