The Master Influencer Package

The Master Influencer – Advanced Programs

with Teresa de Grosbois


Finally, A Blueprint with a 100% Money Back Guaranteed To Turn Your Book Into A BESTSELLER …Or You Pay Nothing! Picture yourself with bookstores and event hosts all over the world clamoring for you and your book! You are finally reaping the rewards  for your hours of hard work. You are now a bestselling author , an influencer in your field, with more speaking engagements and opportunities and it couldn’t get any better! You probably know that for most authors, this is just a fantasy. There are millions of books written and published each year yet only handful ever make it to bestseller status.  It could easily be disheartening if you think of how the odds are stacked up against you. But what if you could change all that? What if you could follow a system that would turn the odds in your favor? What if you could actually be guaranteed every writer’s dream…to succeed as a bestselling author? We are pleased to let you know that there IS a proven system that can 100% guarantee you succeed at getting your book to Bestseller status!   We’re talking about a 100% money back guarantee proven system! Here’s what you get: With Teresa at your side through the bestseller programs (2 levels each 12 weeks) you’ll be guided through the entire process of writing and publishing your first (or next) book and getting it on the bestseller lists. In Teresa’s program “How to Become a Bestselling Author – Level 1”, you will master:

    • The art of outlining and writing your book
    • How to align and test your book with your audience (recommended by top experts)
    • How books actually make money and how to create a plan to profit
    • How to be in total control , even publishing, printing and distributing your book yourself
    • The steps you need to understand in the publishing process
    • How to evaluate your publishing options, and choose the one best suited for you
    • How to sell your book on Amazon, the top selling site in the world!

Option 1 – Buy this program only

Buy Bestseller Level 1 – Total Value $927

Special Pricing $827

1 payment of 827
2 payment of $427 ($854)

In Teresa’s program “How To Become A Bestselling Author – Level 2,” you will master:

    • How Amazon works from listing your book, to choosing your book categories, to dealing with Amazon during your campaign.
    • What it means to be a “bestselling author” and how to achieve it
    • How the different bestseller lists work and how to target each one of them
    • How to create a “wildfire” word of mouth epidemic around your book
    • How to build relationships with “influencers” in order to talk about your book
    • The right way to use tools such as social media, traditional media and public appearance

PLUS!  Teresa’s programs include access to member-only tools including:

    • Templates for all aspects of your book campaign
    • The series of home study 12 tutorials for each level, available for you to complete at your own pace which include audios, video and the workbook, along with templates and checklists to make things super easy and fun
    • Unlimited access to Teresa via email – ask any question you want! (value of $500/hour)
    • Access to Q&A posting section of Teresa’s website – see questions from your fellow students, along with my posted responses
    • Monthly group mentoring calls where Teresa brings on knowledgeable guests for a shorzt presentation on relevant  topic, and answers questions on the call
Buy Bestseller Level 2 – Total Value $927
Special Pricing $827
1 payment of 827
2 payment of $427 ($854)
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Teresa began to mentor me in how to become a best-selling author. Because of her support I became a #1 Best Seller. ~Sheri Fink

BONUS! – Teresa’s Mastering Influence – In 8 Weeks master the habits and avoid the pitfalls of the high influence game! (Valued at $527)

FULL PACKAGE – YES I want it all!

The Master Influencer Package

Total Value $2397 – Until Tues Oct 14th only $1377

                                          1 Payment of $1377

                         2 Payments of $698 ($1396)

    • 32 full weeks of training that walks you through everything you need to know to write, publish and promote your book
    • Bestseller status guaranteed, when you complete How to Become a Bestselling Author Level 2!

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